Hidden Safe Boxes

Hidden Safe Boxes with Custom Panel

So these guys are something that have a very needed function. Whether you are hiding valuables such as jewelry or money, or items such as handguns and prescription drugs- this guy locks them away in a place you’d have to know about to find. They utilize Radio Frequency Identification tags, which can be implemented in

Custom Shadow Boxes

Custom Shadow Boxes

I take the greatest pride in making these guys- it is a product to contain something special for the client, and something that will last not only the clients lifetime, but with care it will be an heirloom product. They’re not just hinged and windowed boxes as you’ll find available elsewhere. They’re each carefully planned

Signs and Badges

Dock Signs by DWC

And that’s just it- these guys started out as true “Dock Signs”. Living on the coast and especially on the waterfront makes for a hard life on decorative parts and pieces. I mean, it’s a hard fact HVAC systems here, as an example, must be replaced every five to seven years due ‘not’ to functional

Signs and Badges|Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers!

These are a new item we’ve recently launched, and it may be one of the more complicated in terms of logistics of making it happen. First off, the ‘base’ product is set in teak, is the proper size to make it’s use easy (no more sliding your phone around looking for a connection- just lay

CNC Milling Thoughts|Custom Furniture Work|Signs and Badges

HALO Table

I was approached and commissioned to create a table from genuine mahogany that measures at least 30″ and no more than 36″ in diameter and that depicts the device of a MARSOC unit I’ve never heard of before. I had to design and implement the device in proper proportions, but it was a success. Getting

CNC Milling Thoughts

CNC Acrylic+Graphite

Acrylic is well documented for most CNC users. Graphite is a little different, but not much different than other fiberous synthetic material- and the graphite layer is really thin anyway which makes this more about cnc milling fiberglass and resin more than anything else. That embedded sheet of acrylic makes this different, though. Fountain Power