CNC’s and Lasers, Good Times!

I had a difficult time choosing between a laser or a mill when it came to blending my interests in woodworking and computers… I mean, a REAL hard time. Both have major advantages over the other, and both have limitations the other doesn’t. It’s quite the decision for a small time operation in terms of

Cutting Boards / Chopping Blocks

Presentation Cutting Boards

… a touch different than cutting boards. These are sizable boards. They’re a touch over two feet long and a bit over a foot tall. What makes them ‘presentation boards’ is the way the cutting surface is to the side- outlined by the ‘juice sluice’, and with the carving/insignia opposite it. This allows a person

Memorial Clocks|Uncategorized

Memorial Clocks

These little items (9 1/4″ x 4″ x 1/2″) are really nice little mementos and gifts for those who have lost someone or something. This one is obviously for a Fallen Marine and commissioned by his ‘brothers’ as a gift to his surviving parents and his widow (there were two produced, in duplicate of each