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HALO Table

I was approached and commissioned to create a table from genuine mahogany that measures at least 30″ and no more than 36″ in diameter and that depicts the device of a MARSOC unit I’ve never heard of before.

I had to design and implement the device in proper proportions, but it was a success.

Getting the mahogany to lay down properly was a trick. The material I had on hand was twisted, warped, and split. From a massive piece that’s been sitting in the rack for a long time, I was able to pull 2.25″ square staves 38″ long from it in sufficient numbers to construct the table. I didn’t like this woods grain and it’s propensity to twist yet more, so I machined cross staved through the bottom from an extra main body stave and inset them on inch deep into the main body. This will cure that from happening!

I like this kind of work… it’s satisfying. It’s also satisfying when the client is extremely pleased with the outcome!