Hidden Safe Boxes

Hidden Safe Boxes with Custom Panel

So these guys are something that have a very needed function. Whether you are hiding valuables such as jewelry or money, or items such as handguns and prescription drugs- this guy locks them away in a place you’d have to know about to find.

They utilize Radio Frequency Identification tags, which can be implemented in something you wear such as a bracelet or programmed to open by using the NFC offered by your smart phone- the point being only the person with teh synced tag can open the box without destroying it.

These aren’t traditional safes- they aren’t hardened. They are made with a plywood intended for the marine cabinetry industry instead. The custom panel is in affect a cabinet door using hinges that hide until the panel is swung open. The locking mechanism is a COTS (commercial off the shelf) 13mhz locking device which uses four AAA batteries and should open/actuate more than 10k times before requiring replacement. They ‘fail’ in an open position so you won’t ever be locked out. Don’t lose your tag, though, else you’ll not get back inside it! They’re shipped with three tags pre-programmed- a silicone bracelet, a fob for your keychain, and a credit card sized ‘master’ chipset which easily allows you to add your own 13mz RFID/NFC device.