Hidden Safe Box

One of our staples-Hidden Safe Boxes- Which are RFID actuated and tucked into walls between studs. The smaller one is 14″ x 12″ x 3.5″ and is made to fit between standard 16″ on center wall studs. The idea is that it appears to be a picture just hanging on the wall, but with a compartment to stow valuables and keep your family safe. It can only be opened properly by a person with the proper RFID chipset- otherwise it will be destroyed in the process of forcefully opening.

The batteries for the mechanism which are AA allow for as much as 4000 cycles before requiring replacement, and it will chirp to you to indicate low battery circumstance. They will unlock when the batteries are depleted- otherwise, they’re tight as a drum and only YOU can get into them- and… you can get into them QUICKLY. Good deal, huh?

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