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DrewsWoodCraft (DWC) is the community face of a network of crafters and a place to sell items made by our community. Everything on this page, including this page, is made by an individual with exception of the swag- but even that is made by just another group of small business makers. We list tools and items that help YOU create, and a few of our own finished products along the way.

“I invent the product, R&D them to death, and then DWC makes them and sends them to you!”Guess who’s doing production and fulfillment for Mr. Izzy Swan?


Customer Favorites:

Random Items, randomly?


  • Hidden Safe Boxes with Custom Panel
    So these guys are something that have a very needed function. Whether you are hiding valuables such as jewelry or
  • Custom Shadow Boxes
    I take the greatest pride in making these guys- it is a product to contain something special for the client,
  • Dock Signs by DWC
    And that’s just it- these guys started out as true “Dock Signs”. Living on the coast and especially on the