This is my little parking spot to showcase items turned out of the shop.   If you’re here, first off "Thank You for Stopping By"…

This is my opportunity to 'slow the world down a touch' and return to sensible lifestyle- making heirloom quality products from fine woods and selling them for a reasonable price to people who appreciate things done right.   I like to focus on these products one at a time, applying attention to detail and with the upmost care to produce something special. Whether traditional woodworking, CNC Mill, Laser engraved/etched, or even (NEW!) Sublimnation (aka ink infused)- or a combination of all or many,  I aim for quality and something I can proudly say was made by my own hands and while addressing any audience- be it a master woodworker or a novice- or just a person who appreciates quality things.   I would be extremely proud to make something for you.   I'm hopeful you'll give me a shot.

I invite you to poke around and see what it's about, and if you’re interested in a custom piece either from one of the templates below or something truly unique, drop me a line!

A few of my products (check out the "Shop" for more!):

Cutting Boards and Chopping Blocks:

Clocks, Mantel and Memorial Pieces:

Laser Etched or Cut, products and service:

Signs and Badges:

Sublimation (aka ink infused):

A bit of musing, I suppose:



Hi and thanks for stopping by! This is my little parking spot to showcase items turned out of the shop. Well, some of them anyway- many aren’t posted for customer privacy considerations. If you’re here it’s most likely that you were invited, so… Poke around and see what we’re about, and if you’re interested in