Welcome to Shop210Craftworks and Drewswoodcraft

This is our little parking spot to showcase items turned out of the shop.   If you’re here, first off "Thank You for Stopping By"…

Most of what you'll see here is self explanatory, but if you want or need some assistance we're available via email or telephone, both of which can be found in the footer, here.

Something else we're doing, and this is for you local folks, is the event/festival trailer! This may seem like a run of the mill effort to generate sales- and I'm not saying it isn't- but it's a little more, too. We bring in crafts and products created by our team/group of Veteran Crafters, and allow them a place to sell their creation with this thing. It is a great way to get their products some visibility.

So, first things first- If you are a local (to Eastern NC) veteran crafter and wish to join us, simply follow the vendor link in the menu bar and read up on how it works, fill out a form and we'll be in touch. It's a great thing to assist you in your endeavor, and it helps us too!

Secondly, If you see this trailer out and about, please and by all means give it a look over. We hope to have handmade or specialty items for your interest be it a finely crafted piece of woodworking or a simple custom sublimated mug. All of the items were made by us, the team, and every purchase goes to supporting this little project.

We have the single trailer now. What we'd like to see is a fleet of these things. The group (Shop210Craftworks) doesn't mind springing for them up front when we can afford to do so, and arrange a lease with the members of the team until they can outright purchase them from us. That is what this is all about. If we're so fortunate to find success in this operation, then the next step will be securing and opening a disabled veteran crafter consignment shop that is open every day and really get's some products moving!.

If you are interested in this endeavor, please consider donating to our ~ gofund me campaign ~ in the same title. We'll get where we want to go, but generosity supporting this purpose (along with sales and preferably sales!) will get us there faster. We're all about making this work, as it gives an opportunity far beyond sales. I'm sure you can read between the lines on that, and hope you consider purchasing from us or donating to our little 'cause'.

A few of our products (check out the "Shop" for more!):

Random Items presented to you, uh, randomy. Check out the Shop for all of them!

Musings and Introduction to team members:

Some of our team are willing to share intro's and info- meet them here!



Hi and thanks for stopping by! This is my little parking spot to showcase items turned out of the shop. Well, some of them anyway- many aren’t posted for customer privacy considerations. If you’re here it’s most likely that you were invited, so… Poke around and see what we’re about, and if you’re interested in


KD Decor

KD Decor is a partner with Shop210Craftworks and are a married couple with MADD Skills… They represent the disabled veteran crafter community with impeccable products