Hi and thanks for stopping by! This is my little parking spot to showcase items turned out of the shop. Well, some of them anyway- many aren’t posted for customer privacy considerations. If you’re here it’s most likely that you were invited, so… Poke around and see what we’re about, and if you’re interested in


Coaching Award for CFB51.com

This was a fun project as it entwined another passion- College Football!! We are affiliated with another website, CFB51, which is a college football fan community. They are a group or ‘true’ football fans without all the corporate interests, and very knowledgeable about the game and all related to it. They give awards out at

Boxes and Models

Compass Tobacco Box

This is a simple box jointed box of 1″ thick ribbon cut Sapele. It measures 6.5″ cubed with the lid making it approximately 3/4″ taller than it is wide. The interior is 4 inches deep. It isn’t sealed nor was it meant to be, though it closed fairly tight. The item was made for a