The Guild

What we’re trying to accomplish here is explained in that one term.

A guild is a group of craftsmen who join efforts. Sometimes that union is to fabricate a singular product. Sometimes they make complimenting items. We do both, but the main thrust of effort is to provide a place to market both items and skills.

I’ve seen, you’ve seen, and everyone has seen folks selling crafts at festivals and fairs, along side the road or even on places like etsy. This is individual effort and it is commendable. Our intent is to provide a place to market- plain and simple. We have a little trailer we send out to festivals, and of course we have this place. The trailer represents goods from all within the guild. We combine them into one thrust- and because we do we can spread out by sending one trailer one direction and another the other. Three directions, four? Whatever it takes.

Also being adjoined and accompanying/complimenting each other, we encounter potential customers who want this or that- and instead of explaining their desire is beyond our capacity- we make it happen… Even if it requires participation from multiple members of the guild. It’s in this way we like to say “Yes, we can do that” instead of “Apologies, but that is beyond my capacity.”.

We are veterans of the armed services. Many of us are disabled to one degree or another and find crafting and woodworking helps us meet financial obligations. We’ve also found that teamwork we all knew in the military and have applied it to bettering the whole.

We teach each other our crafts. Realizing we are stronger and far more visible as a group than as individuals, we found competition is better focused internally as opposed to holding suspicion toward each other. Passing a job to a member of the guild is an honor and is profitable to each member involved in that passing.

Our efforts may be in vane, but we’re going to shove this thing in front of us in hopes it gains traction and grows. We’d love to assist other locations geographically apart from our own build their versions- without any expectation of gain other than helping each other. We hope if you’re a veteran crafter/woodworker/fabricator, you’ll consider talking with us about joining up.

Thanks for your time!