Signs and Badges

Reynolds Dart Board Badge

This is a simple piece to tidy up the effort this couple put in on a custom made dart board backing which consisted of wine corks and turned out spectacular.

The family lives on the beach and are avidly on the water, hence the selection of a seahorse maintaining that nautical flare.

The material is a black walnut panel 12″ x 4″ x 3/4″. It also has an inset of Sapele which appears as a tiny shelf in the image, but was tapped to hold 12 steel tipped darts by the tip. It was prepared, carved, sealed, hand painted, finished and delivered to the couple within 24 hours of the idea occurring to them! The cost of an item in this class is around $40.

This is the ‘home’ of the Badge. They did a great job, no?!