Mantle Display Pieces

Osterlund Piece

The Osterlund’s are horse folks- and they were gifted this piece to be displayed on their mantle for generations to come.

The piece is cut from a solid piece of Sapele which was selected and formed by our hands. That is mighty easy when finding such a beautiful piece of wood to work with. It is ribbon cut and poly coated both inside the caption space as well as the frame, sides, and back. It is twelve inches square and a little over two and a half inches thick.

Both the flowers and the horse are hand painted, and captures the color of their horse- a Palomino Quarter Horse. The horse is set into a dish with a depth of almost two inches into the material. The horse protrudes one and three quarter inches from the bottom of the dishing. The ring extends out of the material and holds lettering forming words that are characteristics the couple are known for and wish to impart to their children. The name was also hand painted in a reflective metallic paint base and subtle overcoat, allowing light to refract from differing angles.

The range of price for an item of this class is from $325 to $415.