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Memorial Clocks

These little items (9 1/4″ x 4″ x 1/2″) are really nice little mementos and gifts for those who have lost someone or something.

This one is obviously for a Fallen Marine and commissioned by his ‘brothers’ as a gift to his surviving parents and his widow (there were two produced, in duplicate of each other).

They can be simpler, or more complex. The woods chosen are often symbolic of the message “ashes to ashes” with a rich mahogany braced by white ash. The one in the image adds a piece of ‘purple heart wood’ with intent to add “ashes to ashes” with the purple heart in between noting the sacrifice.

They can be set on a shelf, set on a desk, or hung on a wall. They are something that will last a long, long time and re-sends the message each time the recipient sees it.

Contact us if you wish for one to be designed and presented to your recipient. They range in price from $80 to $225 depending on complexity and materials.

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