Mantle Display Pieces

Gervae Piece

3D Relief 12"x12"x2.5" mahogany Mantle Display Piece

The Gervae’s were gifted this mantle piece to celebrate their interests in restoring and building small single engine planes and flying them over the gorgeous topography of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The item is cut from solid choice ribbon cut Sapele and is 12 inches by 12 inches by 2.5 inches. The finish on the outer section is hand rubbed Norwegian Wood Oil, while the center is hand painted in a meaningful image depicting a casual and routine flight enjoyed by the couple.

The plane is set flying away in it’s perspective in effort to impart a sense of adventure without end. The plane itself is a Piper Cub, and is rendered as the recipient’s actual painstakingly restored classic airplane. The relief, witnessed by the tail of the plane at it’s highest point, extends one and a quarter inches from the basin of the centerpiece.

The range of price for an item of this class is from $325 to $415.