Boards. Of the Cutting Variety, of Art, and of Quality ‘Heirloom’ Construction.

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I really enjoy making cutting boards for folks. Only quality woods are used, and none are less than an inch and a half thick- though the size otherwise varies. I seek to make a product that suites the intended owner, is something they are proud of and becomes a part of their kitchen much like a piece of furniture, and will last them a lifetime using only simple bi-annual maintenance (depending on use). These are functional and beautiful.

If you consider Drew’s Woodcraft to create a board for you, please contact us and we’ll discuss it. Though basic items can be ironed out such as wood selection to be used and general sizes, the design and concepts are usually spontaneous and chosen after exploring the recipient’s interests and hobbies, and margin is left for the designer to apply their magic.

There has never been a dissatisfied customer with a Drew’s Woodcraft made cutting board. And yes, they are as functional as they are beautiful!